Where will my donation go?

Your donation will be deposited and financially managed by Jeffco Schools Foundation according to options selected at check out. The Foundation supports programs in Basic Student Needs, The Arts, Student Learning, Professional Learning, and Career Pathways/Scholarships across all articulation areas.

Can I donate to a school? 

Not quite yet. You will the platform organized by articulation areas. Currently the Foundation supporting programming that typically serves an area or cluster of areas. The goal of the platform is to eventually build out schools located in an area so each school can list their own campaigns and funding priorities. 

Are Option or Charter schools included? 

Yes. Charter Schools are included within the articulation areas and also have a separate campaign so you can more easily find them. The Foundation’s programs serve charter and option schools. There is a separate campaign for Option Schools because they attract students from across the County.

Is there a minimum donation amount required?

No! This is about team spirit and participation. The goal is to have as many employees participate. You can donate as little or as much as you like!

Are there different options to set up a donation? 

Great question! There are three ways to donate. You can make a one time gift via credit card to support the campaign in any dollar amount. You can also choose to donate monthly by credit or by payroll deduction. If you prefer to write a check, you can pony or drop off in person at the Foundation a 809 Quail Street, Bldg. #1. A nominal transaction fee will be applied to credit card donations at check out. 

Can I set this is up as a monthly donation?
Yes. During check out you will have the option to pay monthly. You can do so in two way, “pay monthly” will route you to the vendor Jeffco Schools Foundation uses to support credit card donations, or you can give monthly via payroll deduction. The Foundation will manually credit your donation to the campaign. 

Do you offer payroll deduction?
Yes. The District is a great partner to the Foundation and provides this service as a benefit to its employees. Click the payroll deduction option at check-out, or at the top header on the campaign website. Deductions will take place the next qualifying pay check and deductions will occur every pay check. You can end or change your donation amount by emailing Jeffco Schools Foundation at anytime, who will communicate all changes monthly to District payroll. Changes that are received after the 10th of the month will be applied to the following pay check.  

I can’t access the Payroll deduction form, how do I log-in?

Every employee also has a Google account set up by the District. You need to use your Google email address, NOT your District email address, to log in. You need to use your DISTRICT password as the password for your Google email address. Each Google email looks something like 

your district user name@jeffcoschools.us —-Your user name is the same user name as your District log-in (e.g. susieq or susie.question). An example Google Form log in would look like: susieq@jeffcoschools.us then you would enter your normal password to access the Form.

Why so complicated? Fraud. We need to make sure any Joe Schmo isn’t submitting a public form without your knowledge.Your Google email is unique to you and the forms are time stamped for your security. They can only be verified by Jeffco Schools Foundation financial staff, who then shares with District payroll for processing.

How does the Foundation decide what to fund?

The Foundation is governed by an independent board of directors comprised of community leaders and volunteers who care about quality public education in Jefferson County. While many stakeholders have a menu of programs they like to see funded, it is up to the Foundation Board to set its grant making strategies and areas of focus, which align with Vision 2020 and District Improvement Plans as required by the State, ultimately accountable to the unmet needs of schools and students.